Every Child Can Turn Their Life Around

Every child can turn their life around.

Communities In Schools of the Dallas Region, Inc. (CISDR) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded locally in 1985 to address the growing number of high school dropouts in Dallas and surrounding areas. As an affiliate of the nation’s leading evidence-based practitioners of the community school model, CISDR’s professional staff brings community resources into schools to integrate student supports in a coordinated, caring and cost-effective way.

In partnership with nine area school districts, CISDR is housed on a total of 58 Elementary, Middle and High School campuses to address the issues that place a child on the Texas Education Agency’s statewide “at-risk” list. These indicators measure a student’s potential academic success based on a series of key points in the child’s history (failed standardized test, failed core subjects, limited English proficiency, etc). Many of these markers are beyond the students’ control (foster care, family crisis, etc), but based on TEA metrics, it places them at a higher risk of dropping out of school, retention, and failure to complete high school in four years.

CISDR is challenged with the task of addressing the needs of these children and work to improve their grades, test scores, behavioral issues, attendance, resolve basic needs, conduct home visits, and a myriad of other services to prove the “at-risk” list wrong. The daily provision and coordination of these supports are provided by degreed CISDR Site Coordinators. With backgrounds in psychology, social work, counseling, education, etc, these individuals connect the dots — matching need to local resource, in addition to rolling up their sleeves to join the campus staff and faculty in their mission.

They Don't Realize Dallas Is Bigger Than Their Block

They don’t realize Dallas is bigger than their block.

CISDR believes that regardless of a child’s background or demographics, our children are brilliant, beautiful and deserving of more success than they can possibly imagine!

Why We Do It

Of the students we worked with last year: 76% are living in poverty, 46% have limited English proficiency, 39% are reading below grade level, 30% failed statewide benchmark tests and 18% failed core level course the previous year. In addition, 45 CISDR students are in gifted and talented courses, 48 have an incarcerated parent, 111 are teen parents or pregnant, 204 have a history of alternative education placement, 380 are homeless, 447 are experiencing severe family crises and 535 students were held back at least one grade level.

How We Do It



In partnership with local school districts, we provide daily school based interventions to students in grades K–12 to address academic failure, truancy, behavioral issues, social service needs and more.

  • Academic Support: tutoring
  • Parenting Education: home visits
  • College & Career Coaching
  • Health & Human Services: basic needs
  • Supportive Guidance: socialization, character building
  • Enrichment: clubs, volunteerism

Our Core Values

We believe that every child needs and deserves:

1-to-1 Relationship with a Caring Adult A one-to-one relationship with a caring adult
Safe Place to Learn and Grow A safe place to learn and grow
Healthy Start in Life A healthy start in life
College and Career Coaching The support needed to become college ready
Giving Back to Peers and Community A chance to give back to peers and community