Service Model

CIS Service Model

CIS Six Components

Read more about the Six Components of the Communities In Schools program.

Learn more about the Six Components of the Communities In Schools program.

Taking into account both the physical and socio-emotional wellness of the child, CIS of the Dallas Region, Inc. uses an individualized case-management approach to work with at-risk children. Services provided to children and their families by our professional staff include:

Parental and Family Support

Provide services and activities that increase the participation of parents in their students’ educational experience.

Educational Enhancement

Providing support in all educational areas as needed to encourage student achievement and success in their school experience.

Health and Human Services
Growing Up Is Hard Sometimes

Growing Up Is Hard Sometimes

Services that promote the increase of physical/mental health and hygiene and coordinate the delivery of social services such as medical and dental care, school supplies and clothing, and other basic needs.

Supportive Guidance

One-on-one and/or group services that address individualize students’ needs. Areas of focus may include attendance, attitude and behavior, mentoring, peer mediation and violence-prevention groups.

College and Career Prep

Services planned and conducted to promote career awareness, college and application processes, financial aid and connections to campus guidance.

Cultural Enrichment

Services that provide positive social, cultural, recreational and interpersonal experiences to broaden and expand students’ life understanding. Activities may include after-school clubs, computer technology camps, field trips, multicultural programs and social skills training.