C3 Consortium

Collaborate. Communicate. Coordinate.

Over the course of 30+ years, we have found that in order for nonprofits to have the most significant impact, we must join forces as providers. In 2017, CISDR launched the C3 Consortium, a network of community partners providing services to students and families in the Dallas region. C3 Partners meet every other month to discuss trends, needs, and challenges, so that we can provide the most comprehensive, cost effective, inclusive and relevant services to the community.

Why We Collaborate

  • To vet, manage and sustain partnerships to build community awareness.
  • To increase the range of services for students and families.
  • To expand access to campus/community-based services, both on and off-campus.
  • To “bridge the gap” in trauma and mental health services.
  • To coordinate between our community partners and campus-based staff.

The C3 Consortium builds alignment between partners with a shared vision: supporting students in their academic, social-emotional, and mental well-being. These partnerships not only benefit the students and families we serve, but they also improve the ability of our community partners to collaborate on projects, funding, and a variety of other platforms. Our name explains it all: together we collaborate, communicate and coordinate, to connect and build trust in the students and families that need it most.

For more information or to requesting a vetting appointment to join C3, please contact Jeannette Papadopoulos, Chief Operations Officer at jeannettep@cisdallas.org.

Current C3 Partners

Corporate Partners