Sandy's ScholarTrips

Sandy’s ScholarTrips was founded in 2015 in honor of retired CISDR President & CEO, Sandy Chavarria, with the program starting in 2016. This project provides a summer trip experience for CISDR students — expanding their horizons above and beyond the classroom. This year, for the third summer in a row, CISDR staff planned three respective trips for elementary, middle and high school students who might not otherwise see the world beyond their own neighborhoods.

Arlyn A.10th grade

“This experience made me get rid of my fear of heights by getting on an airplane for the first time. I learned that there are so many differences between Texas and Washington D.C., like most of the people use the Metro or walk to get around, and the environment is a lot cleaner.”

Leslie C.11th grade

“The trip was fun. I got to meet new people from other schools at the National 4H Conference Center and see various places.”

— Viviana T.11th grade

“I had a lot of fun and I made new friends who I talk to a lot now after the trip. It was fun to see all the museums and all the walking trips we had. It was just amazing, and I’ll never forget it.”

2019 ScholarTrips

High School Trip to Washington, DC

As in previous years, our 2019 high schoolers went to Washington, DC for a tour of museums, monuments and universities, including the Lincoln Memorial, the World War II Memorial, the National Holocaust Museum, Howard University and Georgetown University.

Middle School Trip to Fossil Rim

Once again, a group of middle school students took an overnight trip Fossil Rim Park in Glen Rose, where they got to hand-feed giraffes and learn about nature.

Elementary School Trip to Crayola Experience

This year, elementary school students in the Sandy’s ScholarTrips initiative visited the Crayola Experience in Plano for a colorful learning adventure!


If you would like to donate to help send a student on a this year’s trip, please contact us at or feel free to mail to CISDR SSTrips, 1341 W Mockingbird Ln, Ste 1000E, Dallas, TX 75247.