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Next Tuesday, May 5th is North Texas Giving Tuesday Now, a special day to recognize the incredible and critical work nonprofits are doing in our community. Early giving is now open and we are asking you to please consider giving a special gift to CISDR today!  Click on this link to donate now:

CISDR is joining with other nonprofits all across the country and especially here in North Texas who are reaching out on this special day of giving to highlight funding needs in this time of critical need. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, CISDR has completely changed our delivery system of student support to CISDR TeleSupport. This changed has caused a dramatic increase in need in the area of technology for CISDR. Previously, the majority of CISDR site staff were provided access to technology through the school where they were located (computers, printers, internet access, etc.). With CISDR staff now working from home and using virtual platforms, CISDR is now providing technology for a number of staff as well as phone and internet stipends to offset added costs taken on by staff in order to work from home.

The CISDR TeleSupport project has been put in place to help remedy the lack of behavioral/mental health resources and school/education support resources for students. Enhanced technology development and utilization for therapeutic intervention and mentoring is necessary with the remote deployment of the CISDR Crisis Intervention Team consisting of our site staff working in collaboration with our clinical team.

Organizationally, CISDR’s model has focused on assisting students via face-to-face contact and intervention, with CISDR Site Staff working with students on campus, and their parents through home visits. In an era of home confinement, this is unfeasible. Yet it is precisely this moment when our students require the most mental health support.  The need to virtually connect with students, to offer therapeutic intervention, and to interact with students actively in crisis via technology has never been more pressing.

The children CISDR supports need this support now more than ever, please help CISDR continue and expand this critical support during this critical time and make a donation today!