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CISDR is pleased to welcome James Fisher as our new Director of Development.  James has a diverse background that includes 24 years of experience in non-profit, development, and association management.  With a passion for education, he served as Director of Junior Activities for the America Angus Association, where he helped build the prominent youth program for the beef industry.  Through his leadership, programs were developed that provided life skills, decision making and leadership development through experiential learning opportunities.  James was instrumental in the development and management of the Angus Foundation’s scholarship programs, which grew from a single $1,000 scholarship to well over $200,000 in annually awarded scholarships.

In addition to his work with the American Angus Association, James Fisher also served as the Executive Director of the Pregnancy Resource Clinic in St. Joseph, Missouri.  The Clinic provided opportunities and resources for men and women facing unplanned pregnancies.  He also served on the board of several non-profits, the University of Missouri Extension Council and also served as a committee chair for the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce.

James has seen the difference a quality education can make in the lives of young people, and understands when given the opportunity, direction and a positive example young people will chose success in life.  As the Director of Development for CISDR, his passion for education and experience in building programs will provide the fire needed to develop sustainable funding for the CISDR programs to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.