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It’s Mindful Monday! As you learn to cope with the new normal, take a few minutes to be mindful of the world around you.

  • Spend a few moments breathing deeply.
  • As you feel focused, use each of your senses to notice 5 things that are going on around or inside you.
  • What is something you can see? Notice its features and describe it to yourself.
  • What can you smell? What does that scent remind you of? Does it bring up any thoughts?
  • What can you feel? Notice your muscles, the way your clothes feel on your skin, or even the chair beneath you.
  • What can you hear? Focus on the noise and try to identify the sounds.
  • Can you taste anything? If you have a snack with you, take a bite and hold it in your mouth – really notice and appreciate the flavors as you chew.
  • Continue breathing deeply and using your senses to notice your internal and external world as you give yourself a moment to adjust.