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McKinney site coordinator Raul Ferrer and Greenville site coordinator Whitney Threatt have become the ultimate advocates for their programs. While Raul has built a largely self-sustaining donations program over several years, Whitney recently secured a substantial donation from Build-A-Bear for her students. Recently, both site coordinators spoke passionately to CISDR staff during an annual training event in order to help  them build confidence when requesting donations for their campuses.

Raul Ferrer has been a site coordinator at Finch Elementary School in McKinney for many years, and has put an incredible amount of time and effort into cultivating relationships within the community. He spoke to site coordinators about approaching businesses, restaurants, and stores in the area with a specific request for items needed. Chief among his advice was to seek out altruistic businesses/organizations, speak to the decision maker, and return after the donation with a personalized thank-you card from a CISDR student. Among Raul’s impressive accomplishments is a large food pantry housed at his elementary school, where children and families can select the grocery items they need for the week.

Image By Milwaukee Journal Sentinal, 2018

Whitney Threatt is a young and passionate site coordinator at Carver Elementary School, a high-need campus in Greenville ISD. She has successfully secured thousands of dollars in donations for her students, always ensuring they receive the best opportunities. In the spring of 2021, Whitney approached Build-A-Bear Workshop and appealed to their generosity by sharing how much a Build-A-Bear encounter meant to her as a child when she most needed it, and how she wanted to offer the same experience to her students. The store happily donated 200 bears to Whitney’s students at Carver Elementary, allowing each child to have a special time to pick out their very own cherished stuffed animal. 

Without site coordinators like Raul and Whitney, thousands of children each year in the Dallas region would remain underserved, needy, and often overlooked. Because of Raul and Whitney’s relentless passion for their students, these children are able to experience a caring and positive relationship with an adult, many for the first time in their young lives. We thank Raul, Whitney, and all of our site coordinators for being the heart and soul of Communities In Schools of the Dallas Region.