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As kids head back to class—whether in schools, at home, or somewhere in between—all students are facing new challenges and barriers to their success.

In the face of these sobering realities, more kids need the support Communities In Schools of the Dallas Region (CISDR) can provide. Your gift now will help students overcome the obstacles in their paths.

Count me in

Many students face significant obstacles to their success in school—stemming from poverty, family instability, and more—that are being exacerbated by the health crisis:

  • Across the Dallas region, school districts’ reopening plans are varied and constantly evolving, undermining the rhythms and structure that students depend on and putting single-income and low-income families at a sharp disadvantage.
  • Many kids do not have a dedicated computer, internet access, or a quiet place to learn and study at home, hindering their ability to be successful in a virtual school environment.
  • In the past few months, more than 25% of students surveyed reported an increase in anxiety and toxic stress and decrease in self-confidence, stemming directly from the healthcare crisis—and contributing to a growing crisis of mental health.
  • The pandemic and financial crisis have strained the programs kids rely on for food, basic necessities, housing, and healthcare, while also widening the economic gaps for low-income families.
  • For children of color and children from low income communities, too often, the systems meant to protect them instead foster racism, economic inequality, and discrimination—barriers that loom large over their immediate and future success that they cannot navigate or overcome alone.

As students begin the new school year, CISDR will work to meet the rising tide of need with an enormous outpouring of love and support—but to do so, we need you on our side.

I will give

Give now and help students achieve their dreams and reach the future they deserve.


Adam Powell
President & CEO
Communities In Schools of the Dallas Region

P.S. As you select your gift, please consider making a monthly gift of $10 or more. Your monthly gift will have a big impact for kids throughout the entire school year and ensure every kid has the support they need to succeed now and always. Thank you!

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